Clearwater Palisades

The Clearwater Palisades is a great trip, offering an enjoyable destination after either a short paddle or a full day experience! The Palisades has a great view that can only be accessed by water, towering a little over 300 feet above Clearwater Lake.

Clearwater Palisades

Clearwater Palisades

Short Paddle

For the shortest route, start at the Clearwater Lake public access located at the end of Clearwater Road or Cook County #22. Launch your canoe here and go east to the rocky bluff that sits looking westward. Watch along the shore for a primitive path that will guide you upwards to the breathtaking view. The climb can be strenuous but well worth the effort. Round trip from the boat access is about 3 hours.

Day Paddle

For the canoe lover that wants to spend the day in the wilderness, and maybe even fish along the way, start from Golden Eagle Lodge and canoe east on Flour Lake to the Moon Lake Portage. From Moon Lake, portage to Deer Lake. From Deer Lake you can go from Caribou Lake to Clearwater Lake or portage directly into Clearwater Lake via a longer portage. Once you get to Clearwater Lake, go north out of the bay and then east along the shore line. Watch for the primitive path that will lead you to the top. For this canoe trip, plan about 5-6 hours from Golden Eagle Lodge one-way. You can either make the trek back to the Lodge or plan ahead and be picked up at the public access.

Time estimates are based on being an experienced canoer and with good weather conditions.

Route Map

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